About Us

We have been in the digital textile printing for over two decades. We work with several hundred well-known brands. Every day, our products reach customers in Europe. Most of them are advertising agencies.


If you are looking for a reliable partner with an efficient production background, who will always support you with knowledge, technology and experience, you are in the right place.



What we produce


Most of our production is textile outdoor advertising media in the form of advertising flags, portable event flags and screens. However, that is not all, because every year we note growth in sales of decorative items: tablecloths, curtains and drapes, as well as utility accessories such as bags, sacks and bandanas. We are happy to take on unusual tasks, such as a just produced series of lampshades with the logo of a well-known fast-food chain.





Following the needs of our customers, we specialise in small and medium volumes, with a stable production capacity of 1000 m² of finished product per day. This allows for the efficient implementation of almost any task with a guarantee of quality, repeatability and deadlines, especially important for our customers from the event industry.





Flags of our production adorn the streets of dozens of cities. They can be found in many places all over Poland, as well as in Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia. You could see the effects of our work at many popular events:


Ekstraklasa Games, Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, Sopot Festival, Opener Festival, Finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Przystanek Woodstock, VOLVO Ocean Race, Red Bull Air Show, VERVA Street Racing, … and many, many others.



A bit of history


Our 25th anniversary coincides with the evolution that has been taking place in textile printing for the past two decades. Originating in Japan, the thousand-year-old craft of screen printing is gradually giving way to piezoelectric technology, which underpins inkjet, or droplet printing in the broadest sense. This process, which has been going on since the beginning of the century, has constantly brought about multidimensional technological advances and ever-improving solutions.


We are writing our own chapter in this story. While we were still adepts in screen printing, we equipped our studio with one of the first plotters in Europe for printing on textiles – a modern and fast Mimaki machine with the TX symbol. Innovation has resulted in a complete shift toward inkjet, and with it, toward new, previously unattainable capabilities.


We are constantly modernizing our machinery based on its latest developments. We are constantly following developments in technology. We regularly attend global industry events from the worlds of advertising, print and textiles, each time richer in meetings with inspiring people and new experiences.




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